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Welcome aboard!

This is where my imagination lives. Please make yourself at home and feel free to bring your friends, there is plenty of room in my skull.

I am a published award-winning author who has been developing new alloys of science fiction, mystery, and surrealism since 2010.

Initially, I had been writing in Russian and Ukrainian languages until 2015 when I accidentally found myself being in love with English. It was a turning point when I started mastering this modern Latin, which is not my native language, in order to share my ideas with the rest of the planet. In 2020, Space and Time Magazine accepted one of my stories, written in English, and it was the signifier that my 5 years’ effort had not been in vain.

Following my creative path, I have also become a literary translator. 

You may find more details about each aspect of my writing journey in the corresponding categories of this website. Apart from that, I am going to share what I know about learning a new language (and, trust me, I know a lot of secrets!).

Thank you for coming! Let’s shake the world together.


Viacheslav Lazurin

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